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This website was created to highlight and promote the international campaign against fur selling chain MaxMara. The Max Mara campaign is similar to those waged at department stores, or similar to the internationally coordinated campaigns that have made important fashion companies like Zara, Guess and Stefanel fur-free. This is a campaign with international support and demos in front of Max Mara stores in different countries.

Content is from the site's 2009 archived pages, as well as from other outside sources.
The new owners of this domain have kept the original content because they believe that this issue of fighting animal abuse and protesting against fashion companies selling fur, is as relevent today as it was in 2009.

Campaigns have proved to be effective methods to fight animal abuse. Focusing on a mid term and realistic goal, like for example stopping the fur industry, campaigns have managed to use the resources of the movement in order to get important results.

Today the word campaign is used quite often in all political areas, but animal liberation campaigns can be considered different for a few reasons: they focus on a single issue (like fur), are directed against a single company (like Max Mara Fashion Group, for example), have some practical demands (MMFG's brands going fur-free), integrate different forms of action and do not stop until their goal has been reached.

Some campaigns are short, give good results easily and energize the activists, while others are more difficult and longer. Not all important results can be achieved easily , efforts and and time are needed. But we know that in the end the wanted results will arrive, and with them thousands of animals spared form a life of misery.
Determination is what we need more to save the animals killed for fashion.

While the economy is getting more global, also the animal liberation movement does, creating networks of cooperation to fight companies involved in animal abuse. International or global campaigns against companies selling fur, for example, have proved to be very effective.


With their 2300 shops all around the world Max Mara Fashion Group is one of the biggest retail companies worldwide. Among their brands the most known and widespread are Max Mara and Max&Co.;

Max Mara is considered one of the most important pret-a-porter brands, promoting a classic and sober style. But what this company doesn't say is how many animals die for their collections every year, full of fur in the form of trims, hats, scarves or even fur coats.


Max Mara collections have quite a lot of real fur trims. That fur they consider trendy was the skin of a wonderful animal, the only one with the right to wear it.

How can we kill a fox or a mink, take the skin off their body, just to put some trim on a hat or a jacket on show on a catwalk?Which is the difference between the fox, an intelligent and social animal, and the companion animals everybody gives rights to? Don't they have the same feelings, the same fear, don't they have the same right to live free without being caged and tortured?

The fur industry is looking for a better image and more profitsthrough important fashion companies like Max Mara, which everyone knows and appreciates, so that they can sell fur products to a lot of people that would never enter a proper fur-shop.

To stop the spread of fur trims and save the animals caged in fur farms we must convince Max Mara Fashion Group stop the production of these bloody clothes for all their brands, just like many designers, fashion companies and departement stores all over the world have already done.

That's why it was decided to launch a global campaign against this company.
A campaign that will go on until the company goes fur-free.


**Boycott Max Mara Fashion Group - Take part in this campaign!


All over the world campaigning networks and organizations are fighting to make designers and clothing companies "fur-free". We think it is time to ask the same ethical stand to Max Mara Fashion Group, owners of world renowned brands like Max Mara, Max &Co;, and many more like Maxsport, Marina Rinaldi, Marella, Pennyblack, Newpenny, Persona, Iblues.

In Italy Campagna AIP managed to make fur-free all department stores and some clothing companies like Stefanel, Diesel, Miss Sixty and Belstaff. Department stores like La Rinascente, Upim, Coin and Oviesse, have a big portion of the italian clothing retail and some of them have concessions of the most important designers and fashion companies inside their stores, forced too not to sell any fur products.

The Max Mara campaign is similar to those waged at department stores, or similar to the internationally coordinated campaigns that have made important fashion companies like Zara, Guess and Stefanel fur-free. The campaign is based on regular demos, communication with Max Mara's customers and a spreading boycott.
This is a campaign with international support and demos in front of Max Mara stores in different countries.


* First of all do not buy any fur and boycott all Max Mara Fashion Group brands' stores untill they will not be fur-free. Talk about this campaign to anybody you know and spread the message.

* Contact the company and tell them what you think. You can either send them a letter, a fax, an e-mail or make a phone call.
Each of these communications could be a lost customer for them, do not underestimate its impact.

* Spread the campaign by distributing leaflets. You can find pdf leaflets in different languages in our resources section. Feel free to download and copy it.

* Organize demos or leaflettings at your local Max Mara or Max&Co; shop.
Check here for a list of all MMFG stores around the world.
Contact us at for more infos.

* You can contact the company at this address:

Via Giulia Maramotti, 4,
42100 Reggio Emilia (RE)
Fax: 0039-522-3993993

Head of Press Office - Magnolia Laurenzi

Public Relations - Larisa Fasi

Public Relations - Giorgio Guidotti
More E-Mails:

All e-mails to cut and paste:,,,,,,,,,

Sample letters:

To the attention of Max Mara Fashion Group,

I send this message to show my support for the campaign against the presence of fur trims and fur jackets in the collections of Max Mara and the other brands of your company.
As you may be aware every year dozens of millions animals are raised in small cages and awful conditions to be skinned and transform their pelts into trims, hats or jackets sold in shops and collections like yours.

There is a growing number of companies and designers refusing to use real fur and i think the same decision is a choice that also Max Mara Fashion Group should consider, to create a fashion free of this appalling cruelty.
Until i will see this ethical decision i will take part in the boycott of all your brands products and shops and will invite all the people i know to do the same.



To Whom It Concerns,

I am shocked to discover that Max Mara and associated brands supports the fur industry. Due to the savage business of fur, any products derived from the suffering and killing of animals should be rejected, and I am respectfully requesting that until Max Mara discontinues profiting off the exploitation of animals consumer sever ties with them.

Please watch the undercover footage of the industry promoted: animals are forced to endure deplorable conditions including living in cramped, feces-crusted cages; suffering from sickness and disease; lacking an enriching environment; and being subjected to substandard diets and severe psychological trauma. They are then butchered via anal electrocution, gassing, skinning alive, and forced trauma.



Campagna AIP (Smash the Fur Industry Campaign) was born in 2004 with the aim to expose the fur industry and help to stop it.
AIP has been created by volunteer activists with an anti-autoritharian feeling, that opposes to cages and exploitment.

Even if for strategic reasons we focus on a single issue of abuse, we see the fight against the fur industry as part of our refusal of a specieist and antropocentric vision of the world, where non-human animals and the Earth are considered only useful resources for human beings.
Like racism or sexism, speciesim is based on an empty and arbitrary idea, species identity, to justify any practice that contrasts with the rights of non-human animals.
Those fighting for animal liberation are opposed to any form of speciesim, but also of racism, sexism and omophoby.

The first necessary step towards animal liberation that anyone can take is veganism, the refusal to eat any meat, eggs, dairy and animal products. These come from farms not less cruel than fur farms, rsponsible for the abuse and mass killing of billions of animals every year.

Campagna AIP has got no waged employees, only dedicated volunteers. This means that every cent goes directly to help the campaign, printing costs and the animals.
This kind of organization makes any local group in the campaign autonomous, free to help the campaign with the means they prefer.

Campagna AIP
Via Cenisio 78/107
20154 Milano




Animal Rights Organisation Bite Back
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Respect Voor Dieren
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CAFT Ireland
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Phone: +00353 (0)86 8729 444

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